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Travel medicine focuses on maintaining the health and well being of travelers

Our certified Travel specialist offers post-travel care as well as pre-travel care

Westmount Medical Pharmacy Travel Clinic offers pre-travel advice and vaccinations for individuals travelling abroad. While reviewing your travel itinerary, medical history, we will recommend the appropriate vaccines.

We offer a full range of services to adults and children. You will be given information on food and water safety, malaria prevention, altitude sickness, vaccines information and tips for staying healthy during your travels.

We will be able to assess if you need the Yellow Fever Vaccination and recommend a centre for the vaccination.

Do I need an Appointment? Yes, if you will be traveling outside of Canada, you should be aware of what immunizations are recommended. We have last minute appointments available.
What will I learn at the Appointment? Our travel staff will review your itinerary, give you current information on what communicable diseases are prevalent and what immunizations you will need for your destination. We also have available brochures and handouts to help you stay healthy during your travels. You will also be given advice on Malaria and Travelers Diarrhea.
How do I make an Appointment? Click here to use our web page to request an appointment or Call the clinic at 905 575 9090 and ask for an appointment with the travel clinic. Our staff will do their best to accommodate you. Please let them know if your departure is imminent.
Ten Health Tips for Travelers
  1. Consult with a Health Care Professional.
  2. Acclimatize & Prepare.
  3. Protect yourself from insects.
  4. Wear protective footwear.
  5. Ensure that your water is purified.
  6. Consume well cooked food.
  7. Wash it, peel it or forget it.
  8. Remember your prophylactics.
  9. Avoid swimming in fresh water.
  10. Consider carefully your means of transportation