Weight Loss

Westmount Pharmacy offers a nutritionist-designed Weight Loss plan that promotes protein intake while minimizing fats – we share your goal of achieving the body you can be proud of and the feeling of healthiness that you deserve. The key is to help patients develop a habit of healthy living that will ultimately achieve long-term weight management that starts with evident weight loss in the first few weeks.

This weight loss program has been developed for years and is built up from medical research, nutrition and evidence-based data. What can you expect from this weight loss program?

  • You get one-on-one weight loss coaching from our dieticians and personal nutritionists.
  • The weight-loss diet plans and exercise routines are realistic and can be applied in everyday life.
  • We teach you to make smart choices when preparing food, shopping at the grocery or when ordering at a restaurant. The key is to be consistent with meeting your weight loss goal.
  • You can visit the pharmacy for weight loss and body-mass measurements.

We invite you to join our weight loss program now! Call Westmount Pharmacy at 905-575-9090.