Westmount Medical Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy where we provide core pharmacy services being prescription dispensing, specialized compounding authorized under PCCA, long term care and patient consultation. We combine health and convenience with special prescription refill service and home delivery. Our Compliance Packaging ensures your health remains on the right track Blister packed medication acts as a helpful memory tool of what and when to take at your finger tips-literally.

Our membership of PCCA enables and equips us with the skills, knowledge and back up required to turn-around prescription medication in the most user-friendly form as per the personal preference and convenience of every individual patient across all age groups.
Prescription packages are labeled with its description and direction of use.

  • Always – Right medication at the right time for best results
  • Never miss a dose anymore – whether its several medications or same medication several times a day; the packs are tailored to your prescription regimen
  • Completely organized system
  • No more opening several different prescription vials- easy to use
  • Perfect option for seniors / Ideal for caregivers
  • Convenient packaging and helpful reminder
  • Very helpful for travel

We also provide a full line of over-the-counter remedies including but not limiting to cold/ cough, analgesics, first aid products, skin care products, eye/ear solutions etc. Visit us for our full services.