Long Term Care

Long Term Care needs pertain to seniors living in long term care facilities. Westmount Medical Pharmacy has been at the forefront of providing long term care pharmacy services to a number of assisted living and long term care facilities in the Hamilton and the surrounding region.

Serving Long Term Care Institutions requires a high degree of organizational skills and conformance to compliance requirements as laid out in the Standards for Pharmacists Providing Services to Licensed Long Term Care Facilities (Standards for LTC).

Our Pharmacists interact and work closely with the resident, the long-term care facility staff member(s), and the consulting physician to provide clinical services like medication packaging, distribution, and clinical support. We interact with other health care professionals, such as therapists and physicians, undertake periodic medication and drug utilization reviews, and educate residents, their agents, and the long term care facility staff on drug therapy or medication use, all geared towards ensuring top quality health outcomes and implementing patient-centered care.

The various activities we undertake include:

Medication Supplies
We accept medication orders, as well as repeat supply requests over the phone, fax, or email. Ensuring accurate and timely delivery of medications is our commitment to you.

Medication Packaging
We understand our responsibility to provide clients with the correct medications in the correct packaging and that nurses in charge of administering patient medications must receive packaging that is accurate and easy to read in order to ensure that their patients receive the correct drugs.

The quality system and processes Westmount Medical Pharmacy has adopted is geared to facilitate the institutions we serve leading to improved medication identification, security, ease of dispensing, and ease of administration in long-term care facilities.

Packaging Choices we offer include:

Multi-dose packages, where all of a patient’s medications for a particular med pass in one pouch or envelope labeled with drug information and directions for each medication. This offers ease of administration so that nurses have only one package to open per patient during each med pass.

Blister Packs
Our Pharmacists specialize in cold sealed, multi-dose medication packaging popularly known as blister packs. Each pack contains prescribed medication over a specified period of time along with personalized instructions as per an individual’s specific requirements. Blister packs make it easy for you to manage and take your medication as prescribed without the worries of mixing medications. Carrying a blister pack lets everyone, including all health care specialists, know the medication has been prescribed. It becomes immensely simpler for long term care, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes to administer medication to their residents.