Medical Supplies

Do you feel helpless trying to care for someone in your home? Please ask us about the wide range of caregiving products, disability aids, elderly care products, nursing home supplies, home medical supplies, and equipment products that help make life easier for caregivers and care recipients that we specialize in. We will work with you, your therapist, and your physician to identify and provide you with the equipment that best fits your specific condition and budget:

  • Mobility Solutions
    • Canes & Walkers
    • Wheelchairs
    • Stair Lifts
  • Day to Day Health Management
    • Blood Pressure Monitors & Heart Rate Devices
    • Light Therapy
    • Weighing Scales
    • Supports and Braces
    • Compression Stockings
  • Products for Everyday Living
    • Bathroom Aids
    • Patient Home Care Items
    • Wound Management
    • Footcare – Nail Nippers, Gels, Heel Cups
    • Back Support Items – Back Belts, Seats, Rolls, etc.
    • Exercise Bands & Balls – Exercise Bands, Hand Exerciser, etc.
    • Hot & Cold Therapy – Heat Pack, Ice Packs, Migraine Wraps

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Incontinence Supplies

Only from trusted suppliers, our wide variety of incontinent care supplies offers patients of all ages and in diverse health situations underpads, adult diapers, and many more. We also supply health care facilities and nursing homes with geriatric diapers, undergarments, and bedding pads for hospital beds.

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Breast Pumps

We know that a lot of moms need help with expressing breast milk for their precious little ones. With proper maintenance, our breast pumps are made to last for as long as your baby needs breast milk. We have a wide array of breast pumps, breastfeeding accessories, breast pads, and breast milk storage bags.

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Compression Wear

Compression wear helps with blood circulation, muscle containment, and muscular therapy. Take a look at our compression wear for men and women!

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Ostomy Products

Our Ostomy Care products are the best in quality available in the medical supply market. We know how critical stoma care is and that sterilized supplies are essential in regular wound care. We offer you low cost but high-quality Ostomy care products, stoma accessories, and wound care supplies.