Specialized Compounding

Specialized compounding at Westmount Medical Pharmacy offers specialized services to patients by preparing customized medication ordered by physicians. Generally, these compounds are tailored for individual patients with singular needs.

Compounding pharmacies provide solutions which commercially available products do not.

Our highly trained team of pharmacists will customize your prescription as per your specific needs. Each individual has a distinct way of responding to medication and there are varying situations where specialized compounding comes in to play and following are some illustrations.

  • Drugs and medications are manufactured and available in pre-set strengths that do not always suit an individual.
  • Some may simply be unable to use medications in the form available given their physical condition and, the same medication in a different form could serve the requirement better.
  • Individuals could be allergic to additives, preservatives, dyes etc. used in formulating medications.

Specialized compounding is always undertaken with the consent of the consulting physician and we can change the strength of a medication, alter its form to make it easier for the patient to ingest, or add flavor to make it more palatable.

Our pharmacists can use varying means to customize medication including:

  • Sublingual troche, lozenges, creams, lotions, gels & powders for external application
  • Trans-dermal gel or cream that can be absorbed through the skin
  • Liquid suspension with special flavours instead of pills and capsules for patients who cannot easily swallow
  • Formulations for pediatric use for antibiotics and other hard-to-swallow medications
  • Rectal & Vaginal preparations (when the oral route is not an option)
  • Fertility medications
  • Female Hormone Therapy – special natural compounds to treat menopause, PMS, libido changes & endometriosis
  • Natural Male Hormone Therapy – natural compounds can be used for treatment of andropause & libido changes

Specialized Compounding at Westmount Medical Pharmacy is ‘mission sensitive’ in nature and the scope of what we do is broad with our competencies in a variety of practice specialties, such as hospice, pediatrics, pain management etc.